Fabrice Kiema

Fabrice Rufin


Fabrice Rufin Kiema, born in Ouagadougou in 1987, is a painter.

He has been working at the Centre National d'Artisanat et d'Art (CNAA) in Ouagadougou since 2004.

Originally trained to manufacture jewellery, hand-painted napkins and table-cloths, he soon began to engage himself in artistic painting.

In 2007 followed a paticipation in the Grand Prix National, and in 2010 a formation in painting at the Association des Jeunes Neerwaya in Zorgho, in collaboration with the Ministries of Culture, Tourism and Telecommunications, as well as the E.U.

2018 participation at Salon International d'Artisanat (SIAO) in Ouagadougou

As a painter, Fabrice Kiema is entirely dedicates himself to contemporary painting. Most of the time, he works with gouache and pigments on cotton. Many of his paintings include collages with textiles and sawdust, creating particular structures on the surface.

The paintings share a high level of abstraction. The concrete gives way to the non-representational.

Many of his works have an aleatoric element, where a painting may be based on something as simple and unpredictable as randomly spilled paint. He combines these compelx textures skilfully with clear and rather simple geometrical shapes.